Chieko Murasugi was born in Tokyo, raised in Toronto, and based in San Francisco for 20 years before moving to North Carolina in 2012. She has degrees in Experimental Psychology (BA McGill, Ph.D. York U) and Studio Art (BFA York U, MFA UNC-Chapel Hill). She has exhibited her work in galleries and museums in San Francisco, New York, and in North Carolina where her paintings reside in the public collections of the City of Raleigh and Duke University. She is a member of the founding curatorial team of BASEMENT, a provisional, artist-run project space in Chapel Hill. 



In my paintings and mixed-media works I use the language of abstraction to challenge simplistic interpretations of identities and histories. I mine and synthesize diverse histories, materials, and artistic influences through my Japanese-Canadian-American lens to create works that defy, especially Orientalist, stereotypes and tropes. I am drawn to dualities and dichotomies: art and science, Asian and Western, geometric and organic, personal and cultural, historic and contemporary. I strive to integrate these seemingly contradictory impulses to produce complex but coherent works that speak to questions of identity, history, and epistemology.